What Tree Planting Tools Exist?

Woman planting trees

Whether you want to plant just one tree, create a mini-orchard in your garden or help regenerate a local area, planting trees requires some planning and equipment.

The best time to plant trees is before spring and summer, between November and March.1

While it is not an easy task, it is neither impossible to handle on your own. You just need the tools, which we have broken up by what’s essential and helpful to use.

Essential tree planting tools

  1. A spade or shovel: This is to dig into the soil to create a large enough hole for the sapling and to move dirt around. You can’t really start without one of these.
  2. A bucket or two: You need a bucket to hold the soil you have dug out of the ground – it keeps the surrounding area tidier and makes it easier to fill the hole. You may also need another bucket to hold rocks.
  3. Tree support: Saplings need support when they are growing up, especially against strong winds and weather conditions. Wooden posts usually work well for this.
  4. Water: Newly planted saplings need a lot of water when growing – just be careful not to drown the young sapling if the water doesn’t drain easily.
  5. Tree protection: If you have deers grazing or lots of traffic nearby, you may need a metal fence to protect the sapling early on in its life. You can also search online for tree guards and other types of shelters to protect them.2

Helpful tree planting tools

  1. Tape measure: You need to measure the rootball of the sapling and ensure the hole you dig is big enough and keep multiple saplings distant from each other too. 
  2. A knife: You may need this tool to cut the plastic container for the sapling if its roots have outgrown it. 
  3. Digging bar: This is for when you encounter any large rocks whilst digging.
  4. A cart or wheelbarrow: You may need help carrying the sapling(s) and tools.
  5. Weed mats: They allow water and air to go through while suppressing weed growth.

Arming yourself with the right knowledge and tools will ensure that your trees survive and thrive.

What Tree Planting Tools Exist?What Tree Planting Tools Exist?What Tree Planting Tools Exist?What Tree Planting Tools Exist?What Tree Planting Tools Exist?What Tree Planting Tools Exist?


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