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Deforestation Carbon Emissions: What’s the link?

deforestation carbon emissions

Deforestation and carbon emissions go hand in hand. Forests act as carbon sinks, meaning they draw down carbon dioxide from the air2. So, due to the clearing or burning of forests around the world, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is going up. Not only is the release of stored carbon into the […]

Define Afforestation in Short

define afforestation in short

Unlike reforestation, which refers to replanting existing forests, environmental scientists define afforestation in short as the practice of planting trees in lands which were not previously under forest cover.1 For instance, it entails the conversion of abandoned lands and former agricultural lands into forests.2 What are the benefits of afforestation? Firstly, afforestation can improve soil […]

Best global tree planting initiatives

global tree planting

Tree planting initiatives have become widespread as a partial solution for climate change. Furthermore, the best global tree planting initiatives help mitigate climate change through absorbing carbon dioxide1. Moreover, tree planting can combat desertification. Thus, increasing food security and fertility of the soil by holding nutrients and regulating the water cycle. The many benefits of […]

Canadian Deforestation and Its Global Effect

Canadian deforestation

The Canadian forest is threatened by deforestation. For that reason, it is known as the Amazon of the North. Canada has 347 million hectares (Mha) of forest1. The definition of deforestation is the clearing of forests by humans to change the land-use2. The Canadian boreal’s importance to the global climate 77% of Canada’s forests are […]