Trees & Carbon Dioxide (CO2): All the Facts

Trees & Carbon Dioxide (CO2): All the Facts

The typical diet of a Westerner leads to the cutting down of four trees every year. Felling trees is a major contributor to climate change. Global warming, trees and carbon dioxide (CO2) are closely related. If we are to prevent a disastrous increase in average global temperatures, we must stop deforestation now. Do trees release […]

Why are Oil and Gas Companies Investing in Forests?

oil and gas companies

As climate change and air pollution become growing public concerns, several oil and gas companies have started investing in forest restoration. But, critics say this is ‘greenwashing’ and won’t work. The companies say that they are merely trying to protect the environment and invest in sustainability. Who is right? Does it matter if fossil fuel […]

How Can Planting Trees Help to Reduce Climate Change?

How can planting trees help to reduce climate change

There is some disagreement among scientists regarding how planting enough trees can help to reduce climate change. Here’s why. How do plants help to reduce global warming? Plants help to reduce global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and turning it into oxygen. Photosynthesis is the process in which green plants transform light energy […]

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground & Trees Standing

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground & Trees Standing

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground and trees standing would solve the issue of climate change. It may sound simple, but this would alleviate most – if not all – of the effects of global warming. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing the Earth’s temperature. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas. It accounts for […]

Why is Deforestation Bad?

deforestation is bad

In August 2019, after an alarming surge of forest wildfires in Brazil, a global outcry prompted world leaders to grapple with why deforestation is bad for our planet. It is a trend that we rapidly need to reverse. 3 reasons why deforestation is bad Deforestation refers to the clearing of large numbers of trees to […]

Tree Planting: A Solution to Climate Change?

Tree Planting: A Solution to Climate Change

Nature – especially trees and forests – is an essential tool in the fight against climate change. Trees are the best technology we have for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Tree planting is vital for preventing global warming, as additional trees soak up more harmful greenhouse gas. Nevertheless, tree planting […]

Do Trees Give off Carbon Dioxide? The Climate Facts

trees give off carbon dioxide

Humans could erase nearly 100 years worth of carbon emissions by planting a forest the size of the US and letting it mature. This was the conclusion of a study published in 2019 on how many trees the Earth could support as a way to halt climate change. “Our study shows clearly that forest restoration […]

The Impact of Deforestation on the Environment

The Impact of Deforestation on the Environment

Deforestation refers to the removal of trees from an area that is then converted for other purposes. Every second since 2016, a football pitch of forest has been lost around the world. Expanding agriculture is largely responsible. Clearing space for grazing cattle or planting crops accounts for 80 per cent of deforestation. The impact that deforestation […]

Types of Deforestation: Forms, Causes & Consequences

Deforested land

There are various types and causes of deforestation. Deforestation is the permanent removal or thinning of forests by humans. It is responsible for 10 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Not only does it release large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2), it also destroys complex ecosystems. Modern rates of deforestation compare to one football […]

Climate Change Infographic

aerial view of forest

The following climate change infographic demonstrates how deforestation is a key driver of climate change.  Deforestation is responsible for about 10 per cent of all global emissions. Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere as they grow. They can sequester this greenhouse gas for centuries. By removing it from the atmosphere, they […]